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The root word of 'Gun Fight' is not gun, it is FIGHT

Kill All The Blue Guys is a difficult, frantic shooter where aggression and quick adaptability shine over precision. Slowly master the layout and enemy behaviour as you discover more efficient ways of completing the game.


There's only one level and it's pretty short, due to it's difficulty it's hard to predict how long it will take. I can complete it in less than a minute while other people had to take around half an hour.

This is my very first game, me and my friend had a blast making it! :)


It's one-hit kill for you and enemies

Both you and the enemies are extremely inaccurate, you need to be relatively close to reliably land hits

The redicle is accurate to how tight your shot groups are; your bullets will land somewhere inside that circle.

Don't be surprised if you encounter bugs or seemingly random things, this is my first game and not a singe play tester has made a run bug-free


KillAllTheBlueGuysV7.zip 25 MB

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